RX BARS are the Best!

We love anything that’s honest.

People. Tea. Food.


And since Federal Hill Fitness is an honest gym, we’d rue the day we didn’t sell an honest product.

What is the product I’m specifically speaking of you ask? Well, if you read the headline, you’d know I was talking about the RXBAR (Or should I say “bars”)

There’s nothing like them!


Although one staff member says they have the consistency of a “flip-flop”,  I think they’re just tough– you know, like the people who consume them. They have the same consistency of a Cliff Bar without all of the sugar and other additives. That’s the best part! No bad stuff.

We offer three flavors at our gym: Chocolate Sea Salt, Coffee Chocolate and Peanut Butter (I like the coffee chocolate. Caffeine and delicious protein? Doesn’t get better).

But what makes the company so cool, is that you can find all of their ingredients listed on the outside of their packaging. So almost everything you are consuming can be found on one of the colored lines on the front of the bar. My favorite ingredient is “No B.S.” And no that doesn’t stand for “bad stuff,” though that’s true… think more P.G. 13.

Here are a few of the ones they offer, from Peanut Butter, like we have at Fed Hill Fitness, to Coconut Chocolate and Blueberry!

If you have a good eye or are just observant, you may notice that the one on the end is orange. I also didn’t mention it above, because I wanted it to be a little surprise.

In the spirit of Fall, RXBARS couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to exploit the basic-ness in all of us, so that one is… you guessed it: PUMPKIN SPICE!

As an example of the pure ingredients, the pumpkin spice RXBAR contains (from their website with some extra pizazz): Smooth pumpkin, blended together with warming hints of cinnamon, ginger and cloves.. With 12 grams of egg white protein and high-nutrition fruits and nuts, you’ll want to stock up on this flavor before it disappears until next fall.

I know that I’m going to order a box for myself as soon as I’m off of this shift.

But you may notice in the photo that ALL of the RXBARS contain 12 grams of protein. That comes from three egg whites added into each bar, plus you have the extras! You get nuts, berries, coconut shavings, spices, etc, added to the generous assortment to choose from. Whatever your flavor craving is, I’m sure RXBARs can satisfy it.

What I like most about the bars, though, is that they are all naturally sweetened. If you didn’t know that figs and dates were natural sweeteners, well, now you know! Natural sugars. Finally!

I don’t have much else to say about these bars other than the fact that they’re incredibly delicious, energizing and perfect for any meal. At 210 calories, these make the perfect post-workout snack or morning booster.

Try them out when you come into the gym next! You won’t be disappointed!

To get your own box, you can visit their website here: http://www.rxbar.com/

Don’t forget to enter the September Member Competition and get your stickers from the front desk staff. You could win a free month, a gift card and three free personal training sessions!