Hit It to the Beat!

Music is essential when working out. Just when you feel like stopping or giving up, the beat and bass of that special rhythm or song has the power to keep you motivated.  A feel-good tune, a throwback, an inspirational track- you are the boss of what plays in your head… and with earbuds, its totally private (unless you sing out loud!).


Pick different songs for different workouts:

While doing Cardio/HIIT/Weight lifting: Heavy Metal, HipHop/Rap, Rock might be options to keep you moving and raising that heart rate. If you are doing Yoga, stretching or any form of cooling down: play calming and slower songs, helping get you back to resting heart rate and releasing muscle tension.  


These are some of our personal trainers’ top workout jams… can you guess which is who’s favorite?  When making your own selections, focus on the rhythm and try to match your pace to the music:


Bombs Over Baghdad (Outkast)

Bring Em Out (T.I.)

Lose Yourself (Eminem)

Lights, Camera, Action (Mr. Cheeks)

Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up) (Jay Z)

X Gon Give it to Ya (DMX)

Swagga Like Us (T.I. & Jay Z)

Dura (Daddy Yankee)

You Don’t Know Me (Jax Jones, RAYE)

Stir Fry (Migos)

Mad Love (Sean Paul, David Guetta)

Humble (Kendrick Lamar)

Subeme La Radio (Enrique Iglesias)