Get Back On The Wagon

Summer is here!  Fun, sun and lazy days.  Travel, loose schedules and unexpected social engagements can lead to delaying a workout, maybe rescheduling an appointment or ten with your personal trainer, and skipping a few classes that you would usually be first to sign up for.  A few days of missed exercise opportunities can turn … Continued


Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring is coming, which means you are probably looking at your closets, your basement, your junk drawers, even your shelves, realizing that its time to clean things up, obliterate clutter and trash to create a fresh, zen-like environment to flourish bright ideas and healthy living.  So many clean up jobs to tackle, where to begin?  … Continued

Redhead girl near mirror with heart at it in bathroom.

Be Your Own BFF

Remember the time your best friend came to you crying because she was upset that she had fallen off the wagon with her healthy eating plan- the resolution that was definitely not going to fail this time?  She had just stepped on the scale for the 100th time that day and confirmed for sure that … Continued


Mission Impossible: Holiday Fitness

Staying on track with your work out plan is hard enough when the weather is beautiful and time is on your side.  You know, in the middle of the year, when vacations come and go and you know you have half the year to accomplish any goals you may have set in January.  Make it … Continued