Staying Motivated

  Do you ever feel unmotivated to workout? Do you struggle to put on your tennis shoes and jump into gear? Well we’re here to tell you that you are not alone! Working out can be intimidating and finding the motivation to hit the gym can be hard. Use these motivators to get the extra … Continued

Sex & Exercise

The topic everyone really wants the details on….sex and exercise.  How can you improve your sex life by modifying your exercise routine? Increase Stamina –  Most of us know why we need this.  I’m sure your partner would be highly impressed if you could take things into extra innings. It’s not really a turn on when … Continued

Hit It to the Beat!

Music is essential when working out. Just when you feel like stopping or giving up, the beat and bass of that special rhythm or song has the power to keep you motivated.  A feel-good tune, a throwback, an inspirational track- you are the boss of what plays in your head… and with earbuds, its totally private (unless … Continued

Healthy Eats During Restaurant Week

This week was Baltimore Restaurant Week, meaning there were awesome specials and fun new eats to try throughout the week!  Even though there was an extension this time around, it seems like there never is quite enough time to hit them all.  In case you missed any, below are the participating restaurants in our neighborhood … Continued

We All Have 10mins!

For 80% of people, juggling priorities is a daily task, and extreme multitasking has become a norm. “With so much going on in your life how do you still have time to work out?” Most people think that in order to workout you have to make sacrifices, but this is not the case.  Blending exercise … Continued

The Skeptic, The Worrier, The Determined

You have heard all about celebrities and their trainers, you probably also have a few friends that work with a trainer a few times per week, and I am 100% sure you have read countless blogs and advice columns written by trainers offering guidance in all aspects of physical well-being.  Still, you have not made … Continued

Resolution Revolution

New Year’s has come and gone, bringing thousands of determined resolution-makers to the inevitable decision to give up sugar, carbs, red meat, dairy, alcohol, severely cut calories, and other similar total deprivation plans.  The sad truth, is that by the time this article is published, almost all will have given up a little bit or … Continued

5 Summer Health Hacks to Treat Yoself Without Losing that Summer Bod

Nothing says summer like the dripping sweat of a… soft serve, double twist, sprinkled delight. Yes, ice cream. But don’t scream! Just because you know you shouldn’t eat it, doesn’t mean you have to give it up completely. There are alternatives! Yay! And we here at Federal Hill Fitness love cheat days, trust me. But what … Continued

Best Free Weight Loss Apps for iPhone and Android

Sticking to any weight loss plan is much easier with the help of the right apps. Using a specific weight loss app can be a great way to stay accountable for your food choices. Some apps even help you keep track of your daily activity levels, giving you a way to track your progress as … Continued

Resolutions Can Be Kept  (That’s a statement, not a question!)

The New Year has come and gone, but New Year’s Resolutions still linger…  Some chose to lose weight, others to improve physical fitness or build muscle. The majority of us returned to the same resolutions we set the year before, and the year before that, and the year before that. This underlines a sad reality: … Continued